Our System = Your ROI

LEAP’s patented off-site construction method brings factory precision, predictability and guaranteed quality of materials to your projects. Our houses can be built on parallel to your site work, completing each project from dry construction to turn-key in less than 30 days with minimal expenses. Quicker project turnover and full control and transparency over the end result means that you can refinance, sell or rent much faster.

NOTE: Being a NZEB category “green buildings” LEAPHomes receive several tax credits and incentives on the federal, state and local levels in most countries to help fund green building initiatives. Taxpayers that are likely to benefit from the legislation include commercial developers, home builders, apartment and condominium developers; architects and designers of government-owned buildings; and those making improvements to commercial buildings.

Scale up your business, not your costs.

LEAP’s dry construction process, while being remarkably reliable, noise-free and safe for the workers is also the most ecological on the market.

Here’s how LEAP home compares to traditional construction process: