Significantly better home

We’ve taken apart every step of traditional construction process and asked how it can be improved – made safer, faster, more sustainable and less prone to nature elements or construction delays.



Simple process

Leap Factory team, collaborating with clients, manages all aspects of design, engineering, factory-construction, project management, shipping, setting and finishing


No risk

a detailed plan, since the beginning, will fix costs, timing and quality. No hindrance, no risk



extremely resistant and durable


Shortened building time, reduced construction costs

every component is entirely produced with a numerical control system. It becomes a
mounting kit usable with simple operations on site. Compact size, low weight



natural recyclable materials, energetically self-sufficient, 100% reversible, healthy


a modular system that allows configurations for different settlement programs.
Buildings can be extended, reorganized, without any partial destruction


Designed by architects

design and attention for the details are essential. The serial production allows an indepth
study, that would not otherwise be possible for a unique piece


Turnkey products

LEAPfactory products are sold “keys in hand” or in mounting kit


Technological integration

the experience gained from off-grid buildings let us develop solutions where the shell is conceived along with all the technological systems, basic, upgraded, and/or of green energy production


Integrated furniture

a distinctive peculiarity of LEAP products: the buildings are conceived with integrated furniture and finishings. The usual overlapping of wall layers and useless elements is avoided. The interior space is first-class!


Built in 1/10 time of conventional homes

Healthy home

Complete price transparency

Full control of the end result

Environmentally-conscious home

Energy efficiency


Savvy (“green home” tax benefits + higher resale value)