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 Documentary (2015, 25'')

EYELID,by Francesco Mattuzzi and Rinato Rinaldi. Produced by LEAPfactory.


Eyelid tells, from the very first idea to the realization, the story of LEAPrus 3912, the new refuge/eco-hotel on the south face of Mount Elbrus, at 4.000 mt of altitude: completed by LEAPfactory and opened to the public in September 2013 (trailer).




What was once a simple, spartan sheet metal and wood hut, designed to shelter passing climbers, has been transformed in a cutting edge structure. New forms of high-altitude architecture seek for a strong relationship with the landscape, deliberately contrasting with the environment, insomuch that new refuges look like submarines, spaceships or aircraft fuselages. The film follows the project of an alpine station that was to become the highest Eco-Hotel in the world, but also a ‘vision machine’ capable of shaping the gaze of its guests.
Photos LEAPfactory. All right reserved.

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