Easy-to-build spaces for a fulfilling living

Building beautiful houses, holiday retreats, urban villas or shelters in the wild: is there anything more rewarding than creating places people call home?

Leap construction systems combine advanced manufacturing and contemporary design, for tailored turnkey projects with the highest environmental standards and substantial economic benefits.

Our products allow architects and developers to reduce construction time and costs, while creating smarter, greener living spaces.


Simple process

Our team manages all aspects of the process in collaboration with the clients. We deliver turnkey buildings or compact kits to assemble through basic operations.


Maximum transparency

A detailed plan specifies costs, timing and quality standards since the start. No missed deadlines, no hidden expenses.


Safety and durability

Our extremely durable systems are conceived to ensure maximum safety in any weather condition as in case of earthquakes.


Economical benefits

Our off-site building method promises a swift ROI and higher profit margins, thanks to construction speed, ease of transportation and resource-saving practices.


Ecological choice

With a “zero-impact” approach and minimal use of resources, Leap buildings massively decrease environmental impact. They are energetically self-sufficient and completely reversible.

Flexible configurations

Leap modular systems allow configurations for different settlement programs. Buildings can be extended, reorganized, without any partial destruction.


Made-in-Italy design

Minimalist beauty meets superior comfort. From foundations to light switches, every detail is designed and manufactured in Italy. Leap spaces are the essence of contemporary luxury.


Millimetric precision

Components are entirely produced with numerical control techniques. Serial production guarantees superior precision compared to traditional construction method.

Technological integration

The experience gained from off-grid building inspires solutions where the shell is conceived along with all the technological systems.


Integrated furniture

Built with integrated furnishing, our structures offer better spaces that avoid overlapping of wall layers and useless components for first-class interiors.

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Built in 1/10 time of conventional homes

Healthy home

Complete price transparency

Full control of the end result

Environmentally-conscious home

Energy efficiency


Savvy (“green home” tax benefits + higher resale value)