The high-performance dry construction open system

Leap building kit solutions are based on modular systems. All the elements are manufactured in Italy to be quickly assembled on-site with plumbing, power, and heating/cooling systems installed and working.

Dry construction guarantees a certified environmentally-friendly process less vulnerable to natural conditions and delays.

If needed, our team handles all aspects of engineering, factory manufacturing, project management, shipping, setting, and finishing.

Choose Quality

Decide where you want to build your home: it can be a free piece of land or a teardown property.

Get a Quote

We’ll provide and discuss all the specs and answers about our house models and manufacturing and construction process, including accurate cost estimates and scheduling.

Build Effortlessly

We've made construction the best part of home building. By almost eliminating it. We take care of all your site development milestones, collaborating hand in hand with LEAP’s or your architects, designers and developers.

Conceptualize it

Conceptualize your home with our operation manager to get a comprehensive idea of your project, cost estimate, and schedule.

Customize it

A dedicated architect/designer will work on your project with a team of skilled professionals, providing you with:

  • Architectural red lines
  • Structural engineering
  • Customized range of Italian finishes
  • Optional modules can be added for even greater off-the-grid capacity.

Build it

Site prep

We collaborate with the general contractors to prepare the site, setting the foundations and utility connections if needed.


All modules and components will be delivered to your location from Italy. (an average 120 sqm / 1292 sqft home fits within 2 containers).


Once the shipment arrives, 4-6 weeks are needed for the home installation – i.e., from the ground up to move-in ready. We can send our whole team to your site or just a Leap Operations Manager who can supervise your team.

LeapHome series - Model: Frame