We don’t claim to be Green. We measured it.

Many companies claim to be green. The sustainability of Leap building is measured by worldwide green building rating systems, including LEED®, BREEAM®, and WELL™.

Real Green Value

“Free” Sustainability Credits

LeapHome products can claim as much as 30% of their "sustainability" precondition scores for BREEAM®, LEED®, and WELL™ certifications as early as the design phase.

Sell Faster and Better

Reduce investment risks, minimize cash flow, and sell building much faster and at 8-12% higher prices than traditional buildings.

Rapid Decarbonization

Thank’s to the patented kit-building construction process Leap buildings generate 82% less CO2 and require up to 80% less energy during the building’s life cycle.

Leap Kit Building Construction Process

  • 90% less energy
  • 98% less water
  • 82% less CO2
  • 80% less waste
  • 90% less noise pollution

Sustainable Inside Out

Staring its journey as an off-grid development and positioned in some of the most extreme environments, LeapFactory had to reinvent the construction process. It had to be quick and efficient, with most of the construction done off-site, and have close to zero impact on the natural landscape.

We kept the same sustainability principles for our residential and hospitality buildings. We don’t use carbon-intensive materials or chemical bonds and glues. There is no fuel-guzzling heavy machinery on-site and no noise pollution. Our buildings are most energy-efficient, and smart tech is incorporated from the start.

Going Beyond “Green”

We focus on Well-being

Be it the well-being of people who live and work in our homes, or health, and safety of the construction workers.


We optimize our Logistics

With a kit-building system, an average 1290 sqft home fits within 2 containers, and an actual on-site construction process lasts less than 60 days, cutting down CO2 by 82% compared to the traditional construction process.


We source materials ethically

Only eco-certified, sustainable materials are used for LeapHome’s construction.


We eliminate as much waste as possible

Construction industry creates a third of the world’s overall waste. Leap has reduced waste by 80%, preserving the environment and eliminating extra costs for the developers.

SUPPORTER of UN Sustainable Goals

Being a 100% European company with a global reach, we have chosen eight of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that our company can directly impact, based on the nature of our business.