Superior buildings for zero-impact dwelling


Climate change, stricter home regulations and the shortage of qualified manpower are pushing the construction industry towards greener, simpler practices. But no one seemed to ask the important question: why are our houses still being built the same way?

At Leap, we are committed to answering the growing demand for sustainable living with a high-quality development model that can overcome new social, ecological and economic challenges.

We currently work with some of the most established technology and energy partners as well as forward-thinking developers, architects, entrepreneurs and real-estate players.

Together, we are looking for an alternative way to traditional construction – one with minimised negative impact on energy, water, resources, and increased well-being of its residents at the right price.

The construction industry hasn’t changed much from 50 years ago and while a lot of money and resources have been allocated to make the construction process safer and faster, no one seemed to go to the core and ask “Why are the houses still being built this way?”

Italian by birth

It all began when an Italian duo of architects and mountain lovers decided to unite their passions: wilderness and structure, technology and beauty.

Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore founded Leap in 2012 as a side-project, when the Turin Alpine Club commissioned them a new hut on the Mont Blanc to replace the old Gervasutti refuge. The task was challenging: the pod had to be beautiful, weather-resistant and built in under a few weeks with minimal equipment in a highly demanding off-grid place. Their new bivouac at 3,000 m (9,843 ft) above sea level won several awards and laid very solid, but always flexible, foundations for a new model of home building.

Global by nature

After having lived and explored so many different environments, Leap’s research for zero-impact dwelling is still driven by a never-ending love for nature.

Our team steadily grows, adding new professions and philosophies in the fields of engineering and design, IT and management, to cooperate with the developers and architects that choose our systems for their works. A network of business partners and dealers guarantees local support and an international presence, as well as the familiarity and quality of trusted working communities.

Our Team

Stefano Testa


Luca Gentilcore


Roberto Campagnola

finance, administration, IT strategy

Alberto Mattiello

Alberto Mattiello

marketing & innovation

Giorgio Bertolo

marketing advisor

Giuseppina Buscieti

business developer

Stefano Girodo

engineering unit director

Andrea Revello

engineering unit

Matteo Pegorin

engineering unit

Paolo Filipazzi

Paolo Filipazzi

R&D unit director

Davide Francone

R&D unit - energy manager

Stefano Razzetti

process manager

Eugenio Vacca

BIM lead

Valentina Peyronel

special projects' unit

Jennifer Garvey


Saverio Crocco

site manager

Giorgio Garzena

warehouse manager

Corrado Curti

structural engineer

Andrea Costa

structural engineer

Mario Zibetti


Enrico Castellano


Carlo Brunetti


Leap Factory

Production partners