Inside LeapFactory

Our mission is to develop a new process of home building that meets new market demand for environmental sustainability, energy self-sufficiency and residents’ well-being at the right price.

Global environmental challenges, pollution, stricker home regulations and shortage of qualified manpower force construction industry to search for greener, more sustainable building practices.

We currently collaborates with some of the established technology and energy partners as well as forward-thinking developers, architects, entrepreneurs and real-estate players that are looking for an alternative way to traditional construction – one with minimized negative impact on energy, water, resources, and increased well-being of its residents.

“Construction industry hasn’t changed much from 50 years ago and while a lot of money and resources are allocated to make workers job safer and construction process faster, no one seemed to go to the core and ask “Why are the houses still being built this way?”

Our Founders Story

LeapFactory is unlikely outcome of the friendship and collaboration between two architects who got united by their passion for mountains – one is a seasoned rock climber, the other backcountry skier.

In 2012 Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore founded a company as a side-project, when Turin Alpine Club commissioned the new Gervasutti hut under the east face of the Grandes Jorasses in the Mont Blanc massif, at the 9843ft (3000m) above the sea level. The project posed several significant challenges – the pod had to be beautiful, weather-resistant and built in under a few weeks with minimal equipment… in some of the world’s most demanding off-grid places.

Not only have LEAPfactory successfully completed the project and won several awards, they have completely re-imagined the home building process. Today LEAPhome construction system allows to go from a project to turn key in under 3 months. The benefits include greatly reduced costs, minimized environmental impact, transparent, predictable pricing and a hushed sense of satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing.

Our Team

Stefano Testa


Luca Gentilcore


Roberto Campagnola

finance, administration, IT strategy

Alberto Mattiello

Alberto Mattiello

marketing and innovation advisor

Giorgio Bertolo

marketing advisor

Giulietta Roz

Canada Area Manager

Stefano Girodo

engineering unit director

Edoardo Boero

engineering unit

Andrea Revello

engineering unit

Matteo Pegorin

engineering unit

Paolo Filipazzi

Paolo Filipazzi

R&D unit director

Valentina Simonetta

export and sales manager

Angelo Mastromarini

Angelo Mastromarini

special projects' unit director

Valentina Peyronel

special projects' unit

Loredana Musina

special projects' unit

Giacomo Mulas

special projects' unit

Corrado Curti

structural engineer

Chiara Giacosa


Production partners