Our System. Your ROI.

LEAP’s patented off-site construction method brings factory precision, sustainability predictability and guaranteed quality of materials to your projects. Our building are pre-assessed for BREEAM, LEED and WELL green credits. Thanks to dry-construction method, Leap can go from the house project to turn-key in less than 60 days with minimal expenses.

A much quicker project turnover, significantly smaller capital exposure, and full control and transparency over the end result means that you can sell or rent much faster.

Leap vs. Traditional Energy-Efficient Home


in gross margin


reduction in payback time


reduction in financial exposure


RoI capital multiplication

Value We Bring

Green Value

Certified Green building sell at 8-12% higher and rent ar 19.7% higher than a standard buildings.

Improved Building Quality

Premium Made-in-Italy buildings and furniture. Factory precision.

Quicker and Greater ROI

Reduced time-to-market with improved profitability and lower risk.

Certainty of Time & Costs

The significant reduction of the logistics and complete digitization of the process.

Lesser Reliance on Skilled Manpower

On-site construction requires up to 80% less manpower.

Reduced on-site Inspections

90% off-site construction means fewer unforeseen delays.

“Institutional investors worldwide representing $25 trillion in assets expect to double their sustainable assets over the next 5 years.”

Investing in the Future of Green Buildings

any companies claim to build green buildings. We’ve actually measured our sustainability.

All LEAP projects are pre-assessed for the major green building systems. LeapHome products can claim as much as 30% of their “sustainability” precondition scores as early as Design phase, helping builders, developers and real estate investors to adhere to green building requirements, investments and tax cuts.

LEAP right in…

We welcome you to take a closer look at our specs, get in touch if you have any questions or join our network of people, who share our values on sustainability, our passion for quality and our desire to make a difference.

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